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There’s no better way to relax after a long day than to lay back for a refreshing soak in the tub. If you’re not the soaking type, just washing the day’s troubles (and grime) away with a rejuvenating shower is also fantastic. Faucet.com offers a wide range of tub and shower fixtures that are sure fit your bathroom, its décor, and your budget. 

A tub faucets is not just a spout that fills up your tub with water. It could be a perfectly functional tub filler with a flow rate that hovers right around 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm). Or, if you have a little extra space your tub deck, it can be something more decorative, like a Roman tub filler. 

Your choice of handles for tub and shower fixtures is pretty straightforward: one, two, and three. Two or three handles are the industry standard and have the potential for many more decorative options. For a more modern look, consider a single-handle tub and shower fixture. For the most part, one-handle fixtures are ADA compliant, they’re extremely easy to use, and they offer more accurate temperature control. 

Shower only faucets can turn an ordinary shower into something extraordinary. Choose from single-function showerheads to those with multiple functions, like the conventional spray, relaxing massage, comforting Rain shower, and others. 

Finally, we use a lot of water in the tub and shower, so it’s an ideal place to conserve water if we have the chance. Choose from a wide range of WaterSense-certified faucets that use less water without sacrificing quality and performance.