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Elkay is America's No. 1 selling stainless steel sink company for many reasons. As a company that employs over 3,600 people, it firmly believes that its employees are their most important assets. With this type of thinking, the business has stayed family owned for over three generations and continues to operate on the core principles it was founded on. Elkay is known for its stainless sinks, as well as its EZH20 water bottle filling stations, perfect drain sinks, and its e-Granite sinks. Regardless of the product, Elkay is dedicated to providing innovate products while maintaining their top-notch level of customer service.

Elkay Sinks

Elkay sinks are very popular, and perhaps most popular is its stainless steel sinks. Their exclusive lustrous satin finish is recommended for areas that will see heavy use as a primary sink. The finish is designed to look just as beautiful on day one as it will on day 3,000.When you are looking for a new sink for your kitchen, there are numerous application types to think about. Consider whether your sink will be a drop-in or undermount sink. Drop-in sinks are typically easier to install, but don't give the clean flush look an undermount can provide. Typically, with granite countertops, an undermount sink is preferred.Also, you will need to consider how many basins you want. Elkay sinks come in three varieties: single basin, double basin, and triple basin. Lastly, you will want to consider how many holes the sink will need.If you use a lot of oversized cookware, you may consider a basin with a deep depth to accommodate your needs.Considering how many holes you'll need for the faucet and additional hand sprayer are always important, but also consider if you wish to incorporate a soap dispenser into your sink. Additionally, many Elkay sinks have a coated underside to reduce condensation and reduce noise levels.

Elkay Harmony Double Basin Sink
Perfect drain sinks feature an innovative design to help keep your sink clean. The perfect drain system is an edgeless drain that integrates seamlessly into the bottom of Elkay's most popular sink models. All the scraps and crumbs have nowhere to go but down the drain. Additionally, all Elkay Perfect Drain sinks are designed and approved for use with compatible disposers made by InSinkErator. This is made possible by using the QuickLock mounting configuration.

Elkay e-Granite sinks are very popular because of their brilliant and durable finishes. These sinks are molded from e-Granite that contains up to 85% natural quartz and high-performance acrylic resins. This durable compound ensures that these surfaces are non-porous, stain resistant, and chip and scratch resistant. The coloring is solid through the sink and when used indoors is UV resistant to prevent color fading. For sinks that need faucet holes, the holes are pre-scored for flexible installation.

Elkay Accessories

With any area in your kitchen, the usefulness of that area can be highlighted and enhanced with accessories. The kitchen sink is no exception. Among the obvious things like cutting boards, basket strainers, aerators, and soap dispensers, Elkay has developed a lineup of accessories in the e-Dock collection that make all other sink accessories seem like yesterday's technology. Accessories from the e-Dock collection are magnetized to stick to your kitchen sink without damaging the surface. These accessories can help you quickly find the item you're looking for (like a sponge) while reducing clutter and making everyday tasks quicker. Items in the collection include a sponge holder, ledge, utensil holder, and steel hook.

Elkay Stainless Steel Gourmet e-Dock Sponge Holder Elkay Stainles Steel Gourmet Ledge Holder from e-Dock Collection Elkay Stainles Steel Gourmet E-Dock Utensil Holder Elkay Stainless Steel Gourmet E-Dock Stainless Steel Hook

Go Green With Elkay Water Filling Stations

Elkay EZH20 LZWS Wall Mount SwirlFLO Drinking Cooler with FilterEZH20 stations from Elkay are a brilliant solution for those who wish to reduce their dependency on plastic water bottles. These drinking stations are not your ordinary drinking fountain and are perfect for educational and healthcare facilities, fitness clubs, and other hospitality situations. The EZH20 station provides a rapid fill water feature to quickly refill any container and in some models integrate a water fountain for instant thirst quenching. Various models include features such as sanitary no-touch operation with 20-second shut-off timer, visual interface that displays a Green ticker (which counts the number of bottles saved from entering the landfill), and cartridge change alarm. You will find Elkay EZH20 stations have many different options such as bottle filler by itself or units with multiple drinking fountains to accommodate ADA standards. These stations are truly the future in water dispersing units. is proud to offer a full assortment of Elkay sinks, faucets, accessories, drinking fountains, and water bottle filling stations.

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Customer Reviews

"I don't know how I survived with a small sink after the installation of this product. It is wonderful for soaking bigger pots and plans and deep enough to put the dishes until ready for the dishwasher. Get the dish rack as well for this sink. You can wash glasses and just let them drip dry."
Elkay ELU281610 Gourmet Lustertone Single Basin Sink

"I love this sink. The perfect cross between Enamel (too hard) and stainless (too ugly). Doesn't scratch or stain and the dishes have a soft landing."
Elkay ELGU2522BKO Gourmet E-Granite Single Basin Sink

"We love the way this looks with our new granite...get so many compliments on it."
Elkay ELG2522BQO Gourmet E-Granite Sink

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