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    Since its inception in 2009, VIGO has been at the forefront of all things innovation. With a passion for exciting design and a commitment to delivering products that consistently exceed industry standards, VIGO aims to provide the ideal in customer experience and quality every day. VIGO’s unique kitchen, bath, and shower collections are expertly designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Quality-assured limited lifetime warranties and product support specialists are on hand to answer any questions that arise. You can trust your VIGO products to be reliable, long-lasting staples in your home for years to come.

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    Vigo Industries

    From leading designs and durable construction to the most efficient and convenient way to select kitchen and bathroom faucets and sinks, Vigo Industries is a fabulous choice for any home.

    Your home's water delivery system is only as good as the products it uses. Vigo Industries is committed to providing reliable products while keeping an eye on the ever-changing world of design. Brass construction, metal handles, and the plumbing industry's leading finish options have all helped Vigo Industries become an industry favorite residentially and commercially. You can find Vigo Industries products right here at

    Vigo VG14008 Kitchen Sink and VG02008 Faucet Combination

    Vigo Kitchen Faucets, Kitchen Sinks, and Combinations

    Since becoming the busiest living space in the modern home, the kitchen has also become a place that combines beauty and style with durability and versatility. Vigo kitchen faucets are the perfect fit for this space. Their good looks, cutting-edge design elements, and durable construction materials all team up to create products that are as comfortable in a residential setting as they are in a commercial application. Vigo Industries high-end kitchen faucets are ideal for the hard-working kitchen that still benefits from a beautiful design.

    Vigo stainless steel kitchen sinks are the ideal addition to today's kitchen. These kitchen sinks are incredibly durable, beautiful, and designed to last for years of daily use. Vigo Industries uses only the industry's favored gauge for its stainless steel kitchen sinks. Choose from one or two basins, as well as from a number of different installation types, including undermount, top mount, and farm house.

    Pairing up a new kitchen faucet with a new kitchen sink has never been easier. Vigo kitchen faucet and sink combos bring together products that are hand-selected for a perfectly unified look. Vigo Industries provides a number of different combinations of single handle kitchen faucets and stainless steel kitchen sinks to create striking focal points. Vigo Industries even provides two levels of kitchen faucet and sink combinations: premium combinations and platinum combinations.

    No kitchen is complete until it has the right kitchen accessories. Vigo Industries provides all of the helpful and versatile accessories you'd expect to find in a fluid kitchen, plus they maintain the tradition of eye-catching good looks. Vigo kitchen accessories include soap dispensers for outside the sink, as well as sink colanders, basket strainers, and basin racks for inside the kitchen sink.

    Vigo VGT117 Vessel Sink and VG03009 Faucet Combination

    Vigo Bathroom Faucets, Bathroom Sinks, and Combinations

    Vigo Industries also works tirelessly on creating the perfect bathroom environment. From relaxation to rejuvenation, Vigo Industries has the products to create a memorable space that reflects your personality. The Vigo bathroom faucet is the centerpiece of the living space, and Vigo Industries combines amazing looks with durability for a lifetime of worry-free use. Single-hole bathroom faucets provide a sleek, contemporary look. Vigo Industries vessel faucets are specifically designed for use with a vessel sink. And for a look that's unique and functional, choose a Vigo Industries wall-mount bathroom faucet.

    Vigo vessel sinks are the summit of design and quality. These fixtures are made from scratch-resistant tempered glass, one of the most durable materials for a bathroom sink and one that easily takes on beautiful colors. And since each Vigo Industries vessel sink is handmade, no two are alike.

    Just like in the kitchen, Vigo Industries simplifies the process of pairing up a new bathroom faucet and bathroom sink. Vigo bathroom vessel faucet and sink combinations come with perfectly matching sink and faucet. The waterfall faucet is an amazing centerpiece for the bathroom, and both the faucet and vessel sink are easy to install and clean.

    Vigo VG08006 Shower Panel

    Vigo Shower Panels and Shower Fixtures

    Shower panels are one of the bathroom's newest luxury items, and Vigo Industries proves its products belong at the top of the list when it comes to stunning looks and amazing versatility. Vigo shower panels include a number of amazing features, and they're all situated on the panel. This in itself creates a clean, beautiful look, along with solid brass construction finished in stainless steel. Some features on a Vigo Industries shower panel include Rainshower showerhead, multiple body sprays, and multi-function hand shower.

    If you're planning a bathroom remodel or you're re-doing the shower, Vigo Industries shower fixtures can help provide safety and coordination all in one. Vigo shower receptors (also called shower bases) include the drain and come in a few different shapes for installation options. Vigo shower enclosures provide a contemporary look, and Vigo shower doors are specifically designed to coordinate with other similar Vigo Industries bathroom products.

    Vigo VG09005108LHK Vanity Set

    Vigo Vanities and Cabinet Hardware

    For a beautiful and unified look in the bathroom, nothing compares to a Vigo Industries vanity. From the single vanity to the double vanity, these fixtures maximize storage and design potential. Gorgeously coordinated, Vigo Industries vanities include storage space and a sink (either rectangular or round), as well as an optional bathroom mirror.

    Vigo Industries ensures your entire bathroom is coordinated with its own selection of cabinet hardware. From knobs to pulls, Vigo Industries understands it's important to round out your entire bathroom with a memorable look—and it knows how to do it, too. Vigo Industries cabinet hardware includes square, bar, peg, and egg cabinet knobs, as well as basic and arch drawer pulls.

    When you're ready to set your kitchen and bathroom up with industry-favorite designs and durable and reliable products, think Vigo Industries, available at