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    Welcome to Jacuzzi University

    As the leading online distributor of Jacuzzi bathtubs, we strive to make purchases as straightforward as possible. The following 9 videos cover the topics, features and options you will be presented with as you shop Jacuzzi tubs. The videos were created to be direct and to the point – no fluff – so are never more than about 90 seconds long. To launch a video, simply click on the image directly under the title of that video. Enjoy.

    As North America's leading online distributor of bathtubs we have successfully shipped over 25,000 tubs. In this first video, Mackenzie introduces you to the and Jacuzzi partnership that guarantees you a perfect buying experience.

    Installation Types
    There are a total of six different tub installation types: drop-in, undermount, alcove, corner, freestanding, and walk-in. As this is the first major decision you will need to make, we start here with an examination of each.

    Tub Measurements
    Need help gaining a solid grasp on the difference between length, width, height, and depth? Video three uses line-art drawings as well as footage of a tub and tub surround being measured to help you with the sizing nomenclature we use.

    Bath Therapy Types
    A bathing experience can be as simple as soaking in warm water…or it could be a lot more. From the traditional soaker to the breathtaking salon spa, this video walks you through the four Jacuzzi bath therapy types: Soaking, Pure Air, Whirlpool, and Salon Spa.

    Pump & Drain Placement
    Most people think that tubs are reversible. In some cases this is correct, but in many others it is not. Because it is necessary to match your pump up with your access panel, Video five shows you how to determine your bathroom's drain placement and how this directly relates to pump placement.

    Jacuzzi offers two forms of lighting: Chromatherapy and Illumatherapy. In part 6, these two are examined. Included are underwater shots of each with commentary explaining the differences between the two.

    Whisper Technology
    Jacuzzi's Whisper Technology motor mounting system uses patented gel components to cut low frequency noise by half and significantly reduce deck vibration for a more enjoyable bath. In video 7 we put Whisper Technology to the test and find that even an iPhone app can measure difference.

    Jacuzzi offers three ways to control your tub's onboard systems: Basic, Luxury, and LCD. To help you with your decision, part 8 gives footage of each, including the basic and LCD controls while in use.

    How to Shop
    For the conclusion of this 9 part series, we shift focus and look at how to shop. The simple method laid out in this video will help you to quickly navigate our site. In our example, we narrow down from nearly 1000 tubs, to 18 in about 30 seconds.