Zaca Features

Zaca Medicine Cabinets are the perfect choice when an Innovative, High Quality, and Affordable medicine cabinet is desired. Zaca medicine cabinets are some of the finest, most environmentally friendly medicine cabinets around. Made in the U.S.A. and 100% LEED Compliant and Green Builder Friendly, you will not be disappointed with your Zaca Framed or Frameless Medicine Cabinets. 

With their patented hinge system, and Nylon material, you can be sure that your medicine cabinet will never rust or squeak. All mounting hardware is color matched and one installed, shows no openings in the cabinet body what so ever. 

Mirror edges are treated with special protective sealant that helps prolong mirror life and all units are individually packaged to ensure abundant protective materials. You can rest assured that your Zaca Medicine Cabinet will come 100% safe, secure, and with everything you need to install and enjoy your brand new Zaca Medicine Cabinet.

Zaca's patented modular shelving system stores much more than ordinary medicine cabinets. Zaca's simple to adjust slide-in/slide-out shelves efficiently facilitate adjacent size variations for incredible space utilization.

Called the "better mousetrap," Zaca's award winning design includes whisper quiet door hinges, secure latch, impact resistant mirror protection and rigid mirror frames. Zaca is manufactured from high quality molded components that defy the humid environment of the bathroom and will never rust. Hazardous sharp metal edges are eliminated. Mirror doors are easily replaceable in the field. 


Zaca is made in the USA by the most experienced, dedicated and respected team in the industry with superior performance in product quality and customer service. Zaca's manufacturing process is friendly to the environment. The materials that become Zaca components are identified for accurate recycling.