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Many plumbing brands offer durable bathroom and kitchen faucets. Others provide these popular areas of the home with great looks. Others still are offered at a great value. The Peerless brand of bathroom and kitchen faucets does both. Peerless can be found right here at

Peerless P299675LF Bathroom Faucet

The name Peerless says it all: There's practically no equal to the value, good looks, and reliability these faucets bring to the home. These affordable bathroom and kitchen fixtures offer proven designs and a wide range of theme and finish options that can easily rejuvenate the look of these areas. And since Peerless is part of the Delta Faucet family, you can be assured it's backed by a brand with considerable industry influence, a history of innovation, and a reputation for being one of the industry's most respected manufacturers. Included in the Peerless catalog are bathroom sink faucets, shower-only faucets and tub and shower faucets, Roman tub faucets, and kitchen faucets.

Peerless Bathroom Faucets

Starting in the bathroom, Peerless offers bathroom sink faucets in a nice range of themes, styles, and configurations. Peerless single-handle bathroom faucets are easy to use and provide the best water volume and temperature control. Meanwhile, the double-handle bathroom sink faucets boast a wider range of styles and looks. Choose from faucets with centerset and widespread configurations, while a number of bathroom sink faucets from Peerless are ADA compliant and feature WaterSense-rated and eco-friendly flow rates.

Peerless Tub and Shower Faucets

The bath and shower area is a place to express your creativity, while providing premier fixtures. Peerless has your choice of tub and shower faucets, as well as shower-only faucets. Peerless faucets for the tub and shower faucet are all available in the single-handle variety, they're ADA compliant, and they feature environmentally friendly WaterSense-approved flow rates.

Peerless P18550LF-SSSD Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser

Peerless Tub Fillers

For many, there's no better activity at the end of the day than a comfortable soak in a warm tub. Whether it's to wash away the day's troubles or enjoying the therapeutic value, Peerless Roman tub fillers get you soaking in the tub quickly. And it doesn't hurt that these fixtures add fantastic visual appeal, either. Look for these double-handle Roman tub fillers from Peerless to add a focal point to this space, while working perfectly from their deck-mounted position.

Peerless Kitchen Faucets

While the bathroom is obviously an important space within the home, the kitchen is the busiest. And Peerless kitchen faucets are designed to hold up to the daily use and abuse a typical kitchen faucet endures. Single-handle and double-handle kitchen faucets provide a wide range of style and theme options. These fixtures are also equipped with features to simplify your life at the kitchen sink. Choose from features like a sidespray, soap dispenser, and the very popular and helpful pullout spray. Whether it's washing and preparing foods, cleaning up after a meal, or filling up on drinking water, Peerless kitchen faucets are the ideal addition to any kitchen.

Whenever you're ready to add beautiful and durable bathroom and kitchen faucets to your home at a fraction of the price, consider Peerless fixtures, available at


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