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Newport Brass - Flawless Beauty

Innovation, visual appeal, and reliability. These are all words that accurately describe plumbing products from Newport Brass. And you can find Newport Brass kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures at

Newport Brass' Selection of Finishes

Newport Brass Finishes

Since 1989, Newport Brass has been creating perfectly crafted faucets and fixtures for residential homes. This premium faucet brand uses solid brass in its durable products, and offers a wide range of styles, like contemporary, traditional, Victorian, and art deco. Newport Brass products include kitchen faucets and kitchen accessories, bathroom sink faucets, tub and shower faucets, and bathroom accessories.

Another way that Newport Brass sets itself apart from other plumbing brands is the amazingly vast number of finishes it offers. At 32 finish options, you're sure to find something to match your existing theme or to start new and complement a particular look in other rooms throughout the home. From chromes and brass tones to copper and oil rubbed bronze, there is virtually no limit to what you can add to your bathroom or kitchen.

Newport Brass Kitchen Fixtures

Newport Brass 94P 940 Series Kitchen Faucet

As the centerpiece of your home, the kitchen deserves the finest faucet available. Newport Brass kitchen faucets combine meticulous craftsmanship with focal point-worthy good looks. Choose from single-handle and double-handle bathroom faucets. These fixtures boast brass construction, and many include ADA-compliant lever handles.

Moving away from the main kitchen faucet, Newport Brass also offers faucets to complement the entire kitchen. A bar faucet is the ideal fixture for a larger kitchen that can accommodate a bar sink, as well. Newport Brass bar faucets are a bit smaller than the main kitchen faucet, and their ability to do just about anything the larger faucet can do adds to its importance.

Pot fillers are remarkable fixtures that can help save time and effort. Mounted on the counter or at the wall near the stovetop, a Newport Brass pot filler's purpose is to fill a pot with water while the pot is already sitting on the stovetop. This eliminates the need to carry a pot full of sloshing water from the kitchen sink to the stove, and eases the burden on the shoulders, neck, and back.

Newport Brass water dispensers (even smaller than bar faucets) mount right next to the main kitchen faucet and provide either hot or cold water, or both.

Newport Brass kitchen accessories help to round out the look of the space, while completing its functionality and promoting organization and cleanliness. Choose from air gaps, soap dispensers, basket strainers, and more.

Newport Brass Bathroom Fixtures

Newport Brass 1770 Victoria Collection Bathroom Faucet

The bathroom faucet is often designed around the bathroom faucet. Newport Brass bathroom faucets more than live up to this reputation. From single-handle to double-handle bathroom faucets, these fixtures add reliability and beauty to any bathroom, whatever its size.

The next area of the bathroom that could use attention is the tub and shower space. Newport Brass features tub and shower faucets, as well as shower-only faucets. Newport Brass Rain showerheads offer a unique shower experience, and many of the handles are ADA compliant.

When you're ready to fill the tub to enjoy a warm, soothing soak, Newport Brass has offers some nice options. All tub fillers do their job, and Newport Brass Roman tub fillers and wall-mounted tub fillers do it with distinct beauty and sophistication. Another unique way Newport Brass provides reliable tub filling is with its clawfoot tub fillers. These Victorian-themed fixtures possess the essence of magnificence of days gone by, and include a handshower.

Newport Brass also features a full complement of bathroom accessories. Like their kitchen counterparts, Newport Brass bathroom accessories help to coordinate the look in the bathroom, while maintaining cleanliness and order. Choose from bathroom accessories like robe hooks, tissue holders, towel rings, towel bars, and faucets handles. Newport Brass also offers shower accessories like handshowers, showerheads, and shower arms.

If you're looking to elevate the look of your kitchen and bathroom with a coordinated look, you can also shop Newport Brass on by popular collections.

Newport Brass Collections

  • The Ithica collection features traditional-themed faucets and fixtures for the bathroom.
  • The Kiara collection of bathroom faucets and fixtures boasts an art deco theme that's defined by the contrast between bold angles and subtle curves.
  • The Newport Brass Metro collection of bathroom faucets has contemporary written all over it.

If you're ready to add beautiful and flawlessly functional faucets and fixtures to your bathroom and kitchen, Newport Brass is the brand for you. Shop Newport Brass at