CPS PRT4-300

CPS PRT4-300

While no one expects a malfunction to claim the life of their product, there are customers who proactively take precautions against it and there are those who leave things to chance. Protecting your investment can save you a significant amount of time and money that may be required to restore your product's functionality to factory specifications later on. CPS is America's premier provider of service contracts, specifically designed for consumer appliances and electronics. Experience, honesty, and integrity all contribute to our company's image amongst major dealers and our industry. Please allow our experience to work for you and your product.

CPS offers our cardholding members many options like Online, Phone-In, and Mail-In registration to make your life easier, unlike the majority of service contracts companies today. Should you need to make a claim or check on your claim status, Online (24 hours a day) and Phone-In (during customer service hours) options are both available. Our company takes pride in simplifying these sometimes painstaking tasks. We offer high quality service while making the customer our priority. Consumer Priority Service is here for you.


Large appliances and/or televisions are fragile, and it is often best to not move them for a service call. The manufacturer's written warranties on these products offer In-Home service so customers can obtain quality service without having to relocate their units. While these manufacturer warranties offer great coverage, they are often far too short in duration (90 days or one year). CPS service contracts extend this service so you can protect your investment beyond the manufacturer's coverage length conveniently and trouble-free. When you stop to think about this service, it is an absolute must have. While it is certainly unfortunate should your product fail, it would be even more unfortunate if you did not have the proper coverage when this occurs. If your equipment cannot be repaired on site, CPS will facilitate the shipping of your product and will pay for all related shipping charges, insurance charges, trip costs, and depot/shop charges.

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