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Single Hole Bathroom Faucets

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Single Hole Faucets

The bathroom faucet is used multiple times every day, so it’s a good idea to give it some focus when shopping for a new one. Even though single-hole bathroom faucets are pretty simple and straightforward, they also have some qualities that set them apart. 

Even if you’re considering a bathroom faucet with a single-hole configuration, you can still choose from fixtures with one or two handles. A single-handle faucet offers superior flow and temperature control, while you typically see a wider range of styles and spout designs with double-handle faucets. 

If you’re replacing a two- or three-hole bathroom faucet with a single-hole fixture, consider getting one with an escutcheon plate. This is designed as a decorative addition to your bathroom, and it can also be used to cover extra holes you might have and won’t be using. Most single-hole bathroom faucets include it as an optional feature. 

Handle styles and designs for single-hole bathroom faucet can also be unique. From the standard lever or cross handle to the ultra-contemporary joystick handle, there’s something for every bathroom. 

How about a single-hole bathroom faucet with no handles? Electronic (or touchless) faucets are steadily moving from industrial applications, like restaurants, stadiums, and hospitals, to the residential bathroom. 

Finally, today’s bathroom faucets with lever handles are almost assuredly ADA compliant, allowing everyone access to the bathroom sink

So, whether you’re ready for a new streamlined look or you’re just replacing an old faucet, a single-hole faucet could be just the fit for you and your bathroom.