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The bathroom is the ideal place in the home to add style, substance, and beauty. And Porcher has proven to be one of the industry's most trusted and sought after brands of bathroom fixtures. You can find Porcher bathroom products at Faucet.com.

Porcher 24320-01 Pedestal Sink

Porcher has been providing its customers with the plumbing industry's finest products for more than a century. Its fixtures combine form and function, and feature European sensibility and distinctiveness. Porcher bathroom fixtures are made from the industry's finest materials and boast durable construction. The result? Porcher products provide a beautiful centerpiece for any bathroom, no matter the size. And since Porcher is part of the American Standard group of plumbing products, you know that with a Porcher product, you're getting something backed by a brand known for innovation and attention to detail.

Shop Faucet.com for Porcher bathroom fixtures like bathroom sinks, pedestal sinks and lavatory consoles, vanities and vanity tops, bathtubs, and toilets, as well as bidets and electronic bidet seats.

Porcher Bathroom Sinks

The sink is the perfect centerpiece for any bathroom, and Porcher ensures it's a memorable and flawlessly functional one. Porcher uses the finest and most durable materials (fireclay, glass, or vitreous china) to create its bathroom sinks. Choose from a number of different installation types (undermount, wall mount, drop in, farmhouse, and vessel) available in different shapes: oval, circular, square, rectangular, and specialty.

Porcher 84950-00 Archive Vanity Top

Porcher Pedestal Sinks

Perhaps the bathroom sink that offers the most striking design statement is Porcher's pedestal sink. This fixture offers a glimpse back to a time when substance, style, and durability all mattered in the bathroom. Pedestal sinks from Porcher are ideal for a smaller bathroom, but they can certainly upgrade the look of a larger bathroom, and they feature fireclay construction.

If you're looking for another way Porcher blends form and function, check out its lavatory consoles. The bathroom sinks they offer are matched up with a perfectly coordinated frame. These fixtures help create a distinct look in any bathroom, with flawless functionality and a good amount of storage space.

Porcher Vanities

Together, Porcher vanities and vanity tops make the perfect combination. These bathroom vanities and vanity tops are ideal for smaller bathrooms, and include the sink, faucet, and storage space and cabinets. Porcher vanities can revitalize a bathroom of any size, while providing what it needs in terms of functionality. Place a Porcher vanity top on a vanity, and you have an instant design statement.

Porcher Bathtubs

The bathtub in any bathroom provides a sanctuary, and which kind of bathtub that's needed is purely a personal choice. Fortunately, Porcher features a wide range of bathtubs to suit just about any bathing requirement. Choose from the basic soaking bathtub, the more relaxing and rejuvenating jetted tub and air bath, as well as the ultimate in relaxation, Porcher's combo massage tub.

Porcher 96010-60 Solutions Collection Toilet

Porcher Toilets

You may not give your toilet a whole lot of thought. Fortunately, Porcher does. Porcher's selection of toilets feature one-piece and two-piece fixtures, and many are ADA compliant. These toilets feature water-friendly flush rates as low as 0.8 gallons per flush, making a Porcher toilet an ideal fixture to add to a bathroom concerned with saving resources.

Porcher Bidets

The bidet is beginning to emerge as a favored fixture in the American bathroom, and Porcher is at the leading edge. With subtle good looks, ease of use, and ideal functionality for the highest level of hygiene, consider a Porcher bidet. And if you're looking for the best in convenience, search for Porcher electronic bidet seats.

Porcher offers additional products for the rest of the home, including kitchen sinks and mirrors. And if you'd like to add Porcher coordinated products throughout the home, be sure to shop by popular collection.

When you're ready to add a distinct look to your bathroom while functioning flawlessly, consider Porcher products, available at Faucet.com.

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