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  • Moen s113

    Moen s113

    14" Shower Arm with 1/2" Connection from the Waterhill Collection

    $101.50 - $135.15
    $76.13 - $101.36
    • Connection Size: .5
    • Csa Approved: Yes
    • Escutcheon Height: 2.25
    • Escutcheon Width: 2.25
    • Installation Type: Wall Mounted
    • Material: Brass
  • Moen YB9808

    Moen YB9808

    Pivoting Toilet Paper Holder from the Waterhill Collection

    $95.70 - $115.80
    $71.78 - $86.85
    • Installation Type: Wall Mounted
    • Width: 6.75
    • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Moen YB9805

    Moen YB9805

    Cabinet Knob from the Waterhill Collection

    $13.30 - $16.55
    $9.98 - $12.41
    • Moen Product Level: CSI
    • Masterfinish: Bronze Tones, Chromes, Nickel Tones
    • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime
    • Theme: Contemporary
    • Width: 1.02
    • Height: 1.02
  • Moen YB9886

    Moen YB9886

    Towel Ring from the Waterhill Collection

    $77.35 - $93.55
    $52.95 - $70.16
    • Width: 7.07
    • Depth: 3.83
    • Height: 8
  • Moen YB9803

    Moen YB9803

    Robe Hook from the Waterhill Collection

    $67.25 - $81.10
    $45.90 - $60.83
    • Number Of Hooks: 2
    • Depth: 4.7
    • Height: 5.39
    • Width: 2.4
  • Moen YB9824

    Moen YB9824

    24" Towel Bar from the Waterhill Collection

    $119.55 - $144.90
    $89.66 - $108.68
    • Projection: 3.83
    • Width: 24
  • Moen YB9801

    Moen YB9801

    Tank Lever from the Waterhill Collection

    $70.00 - $93.60
    $52.50 - $70.20
    • Depth: 1.53
    • Height: 1.87
    • Material: Zinc
    • Theme: Traditional
    • Width: 3.848
    • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Moen YB9818

    Moen YB9818

    18" Towel Bar from the Waterhill Collection

    $110.75 - $134.05
    $83.06 - $100.54
    • Projection: 3.83
    • Width: 18
  • Moen YB9807

    Moen YB9807

    Drawer Pull from the Waterhill Collection

    $24.85 - $29.25
    $18.64 - $21.94
    • Depth: 1.37
    • Height: 1.02
    • Material: Zinc
    • Overall Width: 3.85
    • Theme: Contemporary
    • Width: 3
  • Moen S114

    Moen S114

    6 3/4" Tub Spout with 1/2" Slip Fit Connection from the Waterhill Collection (With Diverter)

    $118.60 - $213.35
    $88.95 - $160.01
    • Connection Size: .5
    • Depth: 7
    • Diverter Included: Yes
    • Installation Type: Wall Mounted
    • Integrated Diverter: Yes
    • Material: Brass
  • Moen YB9869

    Moen YB9869

    Replacement Light Fixture Glass from the Waterhill Collection

    $25.60 $19.20
    • Diameter: 5.7
    • Height: 5.1
    • Width: 5.7
    • Theme: Modern

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There are many materials to choose from, each with their own attributes. Some of the more common materials used in Faucets and Accessories are Brass, Stainless Steel, Metal and Zinc Alloys. These offer excellent corrosion and tarnish resistance while allowing many finish options.

Others found in many fixtures such as Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets are various materials such as Vitreous China, Enameled Steel, Cast Iron, and various Acrylics.

A few examples are of materials you will find on FaucetDirect:

-Brass is derived from alloys of copper and zinc in a solid solution. In comparison to bronze which is principally an alloy of copper and tin. Despite this distinction, some types of brasses are called bronzes.

-Stainless Steel is one of the most hygienic surfaces and very easy to clean. The unique surface is non-porous which will not harbor dirt, grime or bacteria. Stainless Steel has a high tolerance to corrosion while offering a useful life expectancy of over 100 years!

-Vitreous China offers a long lasting, sparkling surface that resists scratches, fading, and will provide a long lasting finish.

-Enameled Steel is less expensive but very durable and easy to clean. Enameled Steel is the choice when economy is required.

-Various Acrylics are used for most specialty baths. for its forgiving nature and flexibility. The non-rusting surface also allows the inclusion of whirlpool or therapeutic jets as the material can be easily modified.



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