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  • NuTone 75UC24

    NuTone 75UC24

    Unfinished Cherry Medicine Cabinet Frame Only

    • Height: 32.25
    • Installation Type: Surface

Medicine Cabinets

Band aides in the drawer, aspirin under the sink, and can’t find the toothpaste. Sound familiar? A medicine cabinet is a great addition to any bathroom, keeping all of your bathroom essentials in one spot, organized, clean and easy to find. Medicine cabinets often do triple duty in a bathroom most importantly by keeping items organized, they also often function as the all important bathroom mirror while adding a bit of style and décor. There are many designs and styles to choose from which makes finding the perfect one for you a snap!

There are three main designs of medicine cabinets, swing door, tri-view and sidewall. The swing door operates much like a traditional cabinet with one side hinged. Tri-view medicine cabinets have three panels, in some models the center is simply a mirror and the two side section open, other models all three sections open for storage. The side wall cabinets are mounted in an area other than above the sink and are longer in taller than the other styles. Within these styles you’ll find surface mounted and recessed options. Surface mounted styles are simply mounted on the wall and secured into studs. Recessed mounted require a hole in the wall that the cabinet is secured within. Many different finishes are available from natural wood to metal, many also have mirrored surfaces but non-mirrored styles are also available.

Style is up to you, look at your bathroom and decide what best fits your decor. For simple elegance, a frameless beveled mirror unit will look clean and stunning. For a country look, choose a medicine cabinet with crown molding or if your style is more modern and its simple lines you're after, a chrome or brushed nickel finish metal frame should suit your bath flawlessly. Bathroom Medicine cabinets come in various sizes and are available in many popular finishes.

Still have questions about what type of medicine cabinet would be best for you? We carry top brands like Robern and American Pride. Call us and talk to one of our product trained representatives. Our sales consultants have hands on training and are ready to assist you with your product selection. If you are undertaking a bathroom renovation, our sales consultants also specialize in big projects and are ready to help!

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Installation Type

Recessed or Flush Mount:  Will sit flush in the wall but will require more of an extensive install. You will need to cut into the wall so be cautious of studs and wiring. The end result is more space and has a built in feature.

Surface or Wall Mounted unit: Much easier to install but is typically bigger providing less space and shelving is not as deep. 

Corner Mount: Medicine Cabinet is mounted in the corner. This feature can be useful if you need more space. Doesn't have to be mounted above a vanity or sink.




Overall vertical height of the Medicine Cabinet measured in inches. Required wall opening height likely different.



Overall width of the Medicine Cabinet. Required wall opening width likely different.



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