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    Kohler K-3607 Replacement Parts

    There are 15 repair parts listed below for:

    • Manufacturer/Brand: Kohler
    • Model #: Kohler K-3607
    • Description: Comfort Height 1 Piece Elongated Bowl Toilet with Bidet Seat from the San Raphael Collection

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    Need to fix your Kohler K-3607? At Faucet.com, all of our replacement parts list below are 100% genuine Kohler products. Use these parts to repair your fixture and restore it to its original condition. Use our repair parts diagrams to find the exact part for your K-3607. We help make repairing your fixture easy when you shop with us.

    The Kohler K-3607 has 15 repair items that are compatable with the following Kohler SKUs: K-3607-96, K-3607-0 .

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    Qty Product Description Parts Diagram Part Reference #
    Kohler 1013092-11 Part

    Kohler 1013092**

    Bolt Cap Accessory Pack


    View Diagram Page: 1 1013092**
    Kohler 1055954 Part

    Kohler 1055954

    Replacement Toilet Tank Lid for Kohler K-3597

    If anything happens to your toilet tank lid, this replacement is sure to match perfectly.


    View Diagram Page: 1 1055954
    Kohler 1057941 Part

    Kohler 1057941

    Locknut Assembly, Shank, Two-Piece (Replaces the 84678).


    View Diagram Page: 1 1057941
    Kohler 42397 Part

    Kohler 42397 SUPPLY NUT


    View Diagram Page: 1 42397
    Kohler 42398 Part

    Kohler 42398



    View Diagram Page: 1 42398
    Kohler 81787 Part

    Kohler 81787 SPUD- SNAP


    View Diagram Page: 1 81787
    Kohler 81891 Part

    Kohler 81891 HOSE- BOWL SUPPLY


    View Diagram Page: 1 81891
    Kohler 83034 Part

    Kohler 83034 RESTRICTOR- FLOW


    View Diagram Page: 1 83034
    Kohler 83040 Part

    Kohler 83040 CLAMP- HOSE- 1.62 I.D.


    View Diagram Page: 1 83040
    Kohler 83427 Part

    Kohler 83427 STRAP- GASKET


    View Diagram Page: 1 83427
    Kohler 83821 Part

    Kohler 83821 HOSE- RIM SUPPLY


    View Diagram Page: 1 83821
    Kohler 84153 Part

    Kohler 84153 ASSEMBLY- PUMP FLUSH


    View Diagram Page: 1 84153
    Kohler 84999 Part

    Kohler 84999



    View Diagram Page: 1 84999
    Kohler 87378 Part

    Kohler 87378 CLAMP- HOSE .94 O.D.


    View Diagram Page: 1 87378
    Kohler K-4744 Part

    Kohler K-4744

    C3 201 Elongated Toilet Seat with Bidet Functionality

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The K-4744 may only be used with the following toilet models (K-3825, K-3607, K-6304, K-6300). As the K-4744 is included with those toilet models, please only purchase the K-4744 if you are needing a replacement

    • Note: Image shown is model K-4709 C3 200 seat. Product may vary from image.
    • Features two separate water nozzles for the anterior and posterior that spray the user with warm aerated water
    • Constructed of anti-microbial plastic
    • Heated seat with three different temperature settings
    • Deodorizer helps to minimize unpleasant odors
    • Continuous hot water is provided with an in-line water heater
    • Quiet-Close Quick-Release toilet seat
    • Remote control provides user-friendly function controls in the palm of your hand
    • Lighted bowl eliminates the need to turn on a light at night


    View Diagram Page: 1 K-4744