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    Kohler K-3386 Replacement Parts

    There are 18 repair parts listed below for:

    • Manufacturer/Brand: Kohler
    • Model #: Kohler K-3386
    • Description: Rialto One-piece Round Front Toilet with Seat and Left-Hand Trip Lever

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    Need to fix your Kohler K-3386? At Faucet.com, all of our replacement parts list below are 100% genuine Kohler products. Use these parts to repair your fixture and restore it to its original condition. Use our repair parts diagrams to find the exact part for your K-3386. We help make repairing your fixture easy when you shop with us.

    The Kohler K-3386 has 18 repair items that are compatable with the following Kohler SKUs: K-3386-47, K-3386-96, K-3386-7, K-3386-K4, K-3386-89, K-3386-NY, K-3386-95, K-3386-55, K-3386-33, K-3386-52, K-3386-G9, K-3386-71, K-3386-6, K-3386-Y2, K-3386-NG, K-3386-17, K-3386-58, K-3386-97, K-3386-0, K-3386-45 .

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    Qty Product Description Parts Diagram Part Reference #
    Kohler 1001958 Part

    Kohler 1001958



    View Diagram Page: 1 1001958
    Kohler 1013092 Part

    Kohler 1013092**

    Product Features:

    • Bolt cap accessory pack only
    • Part numbers (1013092-0) and (1013092-96) have been replaced by (GP1013092)


    View Diagram Page: 1 1013092**
    Kohler 1057941 Part

    Kohler 1057941

    Locknut Assembly, Shank, Two-Piece (Replaces the 84678).


    View Diagram Page: 1 1057941
    Kohler 1068030 Part

    Kohler 1068030


    • Replaces 1007488-A

    Finish: N/A

    Price: $27.68

    View Diagram Page: 1 1068030
    Kohler 1078578 Part

    Kohler 1078578

    Flush Valve assembly for model K-3386


    View Diagram Page: 1 1078578
    Kohler 42397 Part

    Kohler 42397 SUPPLY NUT


    View Diagram Page: 1 42397
    Kohler 42398 Part

    Kohler 42398



    View Diagram Page: 1 42398
    Kohler 77778 Part

    Kohler 77778

    Replacement Flange, Trip Lever


    View Diagram Page: 1 77778
    Kohler 77778-G Part

    Kohler 77778** FLANGE- TRIP LEVER


    View Diagram Page: 1 77778**
    Kohler 78132 Part

    Kohler 78132



    View Diagram Page: 1 78132
    Kohler 83996 Part

    Kohler 83996

    GASKET- 4.06 X 2.56 ID


    View Diagram Page: 1 83996
    Kohler 84252 Part

    Kohler 84252**

    Product Features:

    • Replacement tank lid for Kohler's K-3386

    Finish: Dune

    Price: $42.60

    View Diagram Page: 1 84252**
    Kohler 84302 Part

    Kohler 84302



    View Diagram Page: 1 84302
    Kohler 84676 Part

    Kohler 84676 GASKET- FLUSH VALVE


    View Diagram Page: 1 84676
    Kohler 84999 Part

    Kohler 84999



    View Diagram Page: 1 84999
    Kohler 85114-VF Part

    Kohler 85114** TRIP LEVER KIT


    View Diagram Page: 1 85114**
    Kohler 85307 Part

    Kohler 85307 WASHER- SHANK


    View Diagram Page: 1 85307
    Kohler K-4663 Part

    Kohler K-4663 Product Features:

    • Round-front toilet seat with lid - designed to complement a wide variety of round-front toilet designs
    • The universal design of this French Curve seat coordinates elegantly with most any round-front toilet
    • The Q2 advantage seats feature innovative technology that makes it easy to install and clean
    • Made of solid polypropylene and is resistant to staining, fading, chipping and peeling
    • Seat is ergonomically contoured to provide maximum comfort to the user
    • Complete with color-matched plastic hinges

    Product Technologies / Benefits:

    • Quick Attach: To get you fast on your way to enjoying your new toilet seat, the Quick-Attach Hardware from Kohler makes for fast and secure installation. Simply set the seat with the screws in pre-drilled installation holes, slip a wing-nut underneath and tighten from the top with a screw driver, it’s that easy.
    • Quick Release: This simple yet innovative technology from Kohler allows the seat to be unlatched from the toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning with no tools required. Simply pop open the caps and gently pull the seat forward and you are ready for that detailed cleaning job that has been so difficult in the past.
    Product Specifications:
    • Height: 1-3/8" (measured from rim of toilet fixture to the highest point on the seat)
    • Overall Length: 6-11/16" (measured from the back of the hinges to the front most part of the seat)
    • Overall Width: 14-1/4" (measured from left most point to the right most point of the seat)
    • Inside Length: 10-1/2" (measured from the back to the front of the inner opening of the seat)
    • Inside Width: 8" (measured from the left edge to the right edge of the inner opening of the seat)
    • Distance Required Between Installation Holes: 5-1/2"
    • Toilet Seat Material: Sturdy plastic
    • Secure mounting assembly while maintaining ease of installation


    View Diagram Page: 1 K-4663