Falcon C606

Falcon C606

Standard 6 Pin Interchangeable Core

A portion within the locking body of door-hardware that contains 5 to 6 pins that determine key-code. This portion is normally removable, allowing the code to be reset when a residence changes owners.

For over 40 years Falcon Lock has been manufacturing reliable lock hardware. Their reputation and commitment to providing a high quality product at a reasonable price with timely delivery has been rewriting the standard in their industry. Falcon has one of the most extensive lines available on the market today- with a choice of functions and applications to meet and outreach the most demanding requirements. They continue to keep a pulse on our market by working closely with various agencies and organizations, such as ANSI/BHMA, who are responsible for the writing of specifications and standards. This allows them to improve and meet the needs of a changing market with reliable and flexible locks, delivered on time, exactly when you need them.


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