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    American Standard 4275.501 Replacement Parts

    There are 15 repair parts listed below for:

    • Manufacturer/Brand: American Standard
    • Model #: American Standard 4275.501
    • Description: Colony Soft Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray

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    Need to fix your American Standard 4275.501? At Faucet.com, all of our replacement parts list below are 100% genuine American Standard products. Use these parts to repair your faucet and restore it to its original condition. Use our repair parts diagrams to find the exact part for your 4275.501. We help make repairing your faucet easy when you shop with us.

    The American Standard 4275.501 has 15 repair items that are compatable with the following American Standard SKUs: 4275.501.002, 4275.501.099, 4275.501.295, 4275.501.075 .

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    Qty Product Description Parts Diagram Part Reference #
    American Standard 024220-0070A Part

    American Standard 024220-0070A SUPPLY NUT

    Finish: NA

    Price: $3.00

    View Diagram Page: 1 024220-0070A
    American Standard 044264-0070A Part

    American Standard 044264-0070A DIVERTER FOR KITCHEN SPRAY

    Finish: NA

    Price: $9.00

    View Diagram Page: 1 044264-0070A
    American Standard 065800-0070A Part

    American Standard 065800-0070A MOUNTING NUTS

    Finish: NA

    Price: $5.00

    View Diagram Page: 1 065800-0070A
    American Standard 066070-0020A Part

    American Standard 066070-0020A**



    View Diagram Page: 1 066070-0020A**
    American Standard A954120-0070A Part

    American Standard A954120-0070A CARTRIDGE FOR COLONY DUAL CONTROL

    Finish: NA

    Price: $13.00

    View Diagram Page: 1 A954120-0070A
    American Standard M904900-0070A Part

    American Standard M904900-0070A


    Finish: NA

    Price: $2.00

    View Diagram Page: 1 M904900-0070A
    American Standard M906520-0020A Part

    American Standard M906520-0020A** SPOUT NUT (COLONY 2 HDLE)


    View Diagram Page: 1 M906520-0020A**
    American Standard M912109-0070A Part

    American Standard M912109-0070A O-RING FOR SPOUT COLONY KITCHEN 2-HDLE

    Finish: NA

    Price: $4.00

    View Diagram Page: 1 M912109-0070A
    American Standard M913806-0070A Part

    American Standard M913806-0070A COLONY KIT.BEARING WASHER FOR 2-HANDLE

    Finish: NA

    Price: $2.00

    View Diagram Page: 1 M913806-0070A
    American Standard M913807-0070A Part

    American Standard M913807-0070A BEARING RING F/SPOUT COLONY KIT 2-HDLE

    Finish: NA

    Price: $2.00

    View Diagram Page: 1 M913807-0070A
    American Standard M918021-0070A Part

    American Standard M918021-0070A ADAPTER F/HDLE SOFT COLONY

    Finish: NA

    Price: $3.20

    View Diagram Page: 1 M918021-0070A
    American Standard M918075-0070A Part

    American Standard M918075-0070A LONG HEX SET SCREW S.STEEL #8-32x4"

    Finish: NA

    Price: $4.00

    View Diagram Page: 1 M918075-0070A
    American Standard M918504-0070A Part

    American Standard M918504-0070A SCREW FOR COLONY HANDLES

    Finish: NA

    Price: $2.00

    View Diagram Page: 1 M918504-0070A
    American Standard M953040-0020A Part

    American Standard M953040-0020A** ESCH HOLDER W/NUT FOR SPRAYHOLDER


    View Diagram Page: 1 M953040-0020A**
    American Standard M961642-0020A Part

    American Standard M961642-0020A** METAL LEVER HDLE KIT


    View Diagram Page: 1 M961642-0020A**